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Website Designs

I am proud to showcase some of the WordPress website designs I have created for my satisfied customers. I base the designs on the current website trends, in line with the customer’s needs and purpose of the site.


Smart Butchery


Smart Butchery is an eCommerce store based in South Africa. This store sells vegetables, a variety of meat cuts and food processing machines. The website is configured to waive delivery fees automatically when orders reach a specified value.

Bluetooth Hub


Bluetooth Hub is an online store that is geared towards gadgets. This is a pseudo dropshipping website where products are sourced fromĀ  trusted suppliers in AliExpress and Alibaba. This website also export electronic products from 3rd party vendors.


Logo | eCommerce | Auction | Multi-vendor | Directory

This is the biggest website I have built. The client wants to create a multi-vendor eCommerceĀ  website that allows users to post their products. The website also is a directory website like Yelp or Trademe.

Booking Websites

The Studio Padstow

Pilates Instructor | Appointment Booking

The brief was to create a website for a yoga business. The visitors are able to make bookings themselves and check for available classes. Both the instructor and the customer are notified, and the booking is confirmed electronically and synced in Google Calendar.

Coral Cottages

BnB | Booking

The client is a startup home-stay accommodation. Visitors can make their bookings on the website, Facebook and Airbnb listing, which are automatically synced, ensuring there are no double bookings. Custom payment gateways are also developed and integrated in this website.

Smart Giant Cleaners

Booking | Cleaning company

The client is a cleaning and renovation service company in New Zealand. Website visitors can book cleaning appointments or site visits. The client and the customer are both notified at every stage of the appointment. Recurring service is also enabled, allowing repeat and scheduled services.

Non-Profit Website

Business Branding

Robert Shungu Foundation

NGO | Non-profit

The client contracted me to create a non-profit website for his organization. This site displays charity programs which help families in Africa. It accepts donation through Paypal and Credit/Debit cards.

Business Branding

Smart Giant Africa Ltd

Business branding

The objective of the website was to create an online presence for the business. They wanted to showcase their services, establish clear branding and visibly demonstrate the purpose of their company.